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Scripture is the ultimate authority for every human – saved or not. We here at Inside the Bible seek to help in building foundations on the Word of God and the Person of Christ in each individual’s heart. And how is that done? By the simple teaching of Scripture and the applying of it by each person. For the unsaved, we seek to bring out the truth regarding the work and person and provision of the Lord Jesus: this is why we have a page devoted to the gospel with various articles regarding it. These also serve as resources for believers in their witnessing. For the saved, we offer weekly articles that bring out truth from a certain passage of Scripture or various Scripture’s on a certain topic.

Of course, this site is constantly growing, and over the years, more and more materials covering a wider range of subjects will be released, no doubt with more pages and perhaps even other websites that are more targeted in their subject matter.

For the years of 2013-2015, we used the domain name itbweekly.com, which stood for Inside the Bible: Weekly. However, we have changed the domain and the platform for this website so that greater audience could be reached with the never-changing truth of Scripture.

We desire to present Truth based alone on the Word of God, and therefore, if you can point to a specific passage in Scripture that we have gone against in our teaching (not your opinion, but clear and Scriptural truth), we would urge you to email us with your concern (Contact Micah at finding_truth@outlook.com).

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