Be Not Weary in Well Doing4 min read


2 Thessalonians 3:13 “But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.”

Sometimes in our Christian lives we actually try to justify evil and being lukewarm. We, because of the flesh, actually put off well doing and replace it with our own personal desires. Why do we do this when God Himself tells us in Scripture to not even be weary of well doing? If we don’t do good, what will it profit for eternity? Absolutely nothing. Christians should be marked by and known by well doing. We should take every chance to do good!

Our Duty
If we trace Christ through the gospels, what do we see? Healing, preaching, miracles, more healing, more preaching, and more miracles. He did good wherever He went and was passionate about it! He wanted to promote the Kingdom. We will never find one idle word or deed in the life of Christ. He was never weary of good doing. We are called Christians for a reason: we are followers of Christ. It is not only our privilege, but it is our duty to do good. We should be redeeming the time… Why? Because the days are evil! The opposite of evil is good. Redeeming the time can be paraphrased “Not being weary of good.” We, because we are few and have the duty to be righteous, must work hard and passionately to take every opportunity to do good, never giving up an opportunity to do so.

What it Includes
From Christ’s example we see abundant fruit (because He is the true Vine). When we look at His life in a basic form, we see three main things: healing, preaching, and miracles. He is always helping, always doing good. When we see Him healing, it should prompt us to do the same. When there is someone with a broken heart, should we not at least be there for them? Seeing Him preach, it should prompt us to tell others the tragic truth of Hell. We should be concerned and act. Miracles done by Christ should prompt us to also provide for the needs of others, whether physically or spiritually. We must reach out, not only being there for others, but doing something for them. When these three things are in our mindset, it will become harder and harder to be weary of well doing.

In specific situations, how do we deal with them? Many ways we already know about. If someone drops something. Why not pick it up? If someone is irritated or depressed, why not simply smile and show that we care? More importantly, when someone is blindly heading toward Hell, why not show them their sin and turn their attention to Christ? Why not? If we have any opportunity to do anything preferable or profitable, let’s take it! We spend enough time in idleness; we spend enough time thinking about self. Let’s think of others and promote the things of God. Let’s make it our mindset in every situation to do something good.

The effects can be great, and we have the privilege to be used to produce these effects. Think of the awesome privilege it is to make a difference in a life for eternity! This is exactly what will happen, even through the simplest acts of kindness. Perhaps an action sown in passion for the things of God will cause one to start searching for God. The point being is if we have a heart for doing well, there will be fruit. And it should be the desire of every Christian to produce fruit.

The effects of our actions can be great; however, the effects can be negative. We represent Christ. If we act like a fool, Christ will look like a fool; but if we are not weary of well doing, Christ will be glorified. How much better it is to glorify Him. Galatians 6:9 “Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.”

What does this all come down to? What does God require of us? Rom 12:21 “Overcome evil with good.” Rom 15:3 “Even Christ pleased not Himself.” John 8:29 “I do always the things which please Him.” Who are we pleasing? If even Christ did not please Himself, how much more should we as corrupt human beings submit to His will? The question is: will this please God? Am I pleasing self or Saviour? It is ALL about HIM!

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