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“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity; there are none that do good.” Psalm 53:1

Perhaps the most famous question in today’s society is “Does God exist?,” or at least some form of it. In this article, we will examine logical evidences that prove to the unbiased mind: God must exist. Before reading, ask yourself, “What if God isn’t real?” It is a frightening thought.

The Statistical Argument

What are the chances that a million letters placed at random will make a novel, not only a novel, but one with a continuous story line that is appealing to the reader? Imagine, too, that these letters were the result of an explosion in an ink shop that existed millions of years ago. The notion would be absurd, regardless of the time allotted to this process; yet scientists who claim to follow a logical line of thinking follow an even greater inconceivable notion – the notion that life came from non-life (spontaneous generation, disproved by Louis Pasteur) and that every cell was formed by chance and by virtually nothing. (Cells are, by the way, more complex than a space shuttle). It is actually more probable that randomly placed letters would write the Bible than to think that randomly-formed molecules combined, made a single-celled organism, made life from non-life, made a species which happened to reproduce with another species of the opposite gender that evolved at the exact right place at the exact right time, and eventually made us with all our complexities (the eye, a conscience, etc.). Probability screams in our ears: “God exists!”

The Logical Argument

Not only do statistics prove that God exists, but a mere examination of nature proves it. How do we know a painting has an artist? How do we know the car had a manufacturer? Because the car and the painting exist; we do not need to know the maker personally to know that he exists. We do not even need to see him. Should we conclude when we see machines with similar parts that they have no maker, came from nothing, and were the result of time and chance? Obviously not. Likewise, when we see something around us, why would we ever come to the conclusion that it came from nothing? When we see similarities, we must assume a common Designer, not a common ancestor that originated from oceanic slime. Even if cars did evolve and paintings painted themselves, one could not conclude that we evolved from nothing and were not created. In fact, no one can conclude at any time with absolute assurance that God doesn’t exist. One must have all knowledge to know God is non-existent, for God may exist outside of his realm of knowledge. If we cannot conclude that God made what is here, all logic is contradicted; and we cannot rely on anything, not ever. How illogical if God didn’t exist!

The Moral Argument

Moreover, the issue of morality is a huge deal when it comes to the existence of God. Without God, the conscience has no explanation (it is more than mere instinct), and there are no moral absolutes. Right is in the eyes of the beholder; and wrong is non-existent, because there is no law to break if there is no absolute Authority to make the laws (societies laws are still non-absolute, because they change from culture to culture). If God is non-existent, rape, murder, and child abuse is no more evil than the clergyman’s deeds. But because we know there is good and evil, we can know there is a God. Where there is evil, there is good; where evil and good exist, there is a law; where there is a law, there is a lawmaker; and that lawmaker cannot be finite. The Lawmaker is God, for there is no other alternative. The very fact that we know the difference between good and evil shows that there is more to than “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” Romans 2:15 says, “…they show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness thereupon…” How sad if there really are no moral absolutes!

The Argument of Changed Lives

Perhaps the greatest proof for the existence of God is that there are sincerely revolutionized lives. Evangelist Ray Comfort gives a good point: because a husband knows his wife personally, there is absolutely no question to whether she exists or not. Anyone would be a fool to question the sound testimony of a man who speaks of his wife, regardless of her visibility. In the same way, because those who claim salvation through Christ alone know God personally, there is no doubt of whether He exists or not. Some have shed tears of joy when conversing with God. Some who were considered criminals have changed beyond what turning a new leaf can accomplish. John Newton, a slave trader, wrote amazing grace (read the lyrics to see the genuine change), because he sincerely found new life. The only explanation for millions worldwide with an eternal hope and a new life is God. How sad if there is no hope!

What if God Doesn’t Exist?

Statistics, logic, and morals clearly show in a nutshell why God must exist, and so many more reasons can be given. But think for a minute: what if God does not exist? A man once said: “There either is a God, or there isn’t. Both possibilities are frightening.” If God does exist, we are accountable to Him; if He does not, we are in this vast universe subject to anything chance can bring our way. If God is not there: Christ was a lunatic/liar, and his miracles were lies; every thing we say or do and everyone we meet means absolutely nothing whatsoever; and you are merely a worthless animal that was lucky enough to survive. The list of tragedies goes on.

Really what this comes down to is accountability. Men reject God, not because of scientific proof, but because they do not want to live knowing that the evil they enjoy means accountability to an almighty Creator. Without God, evil has no absolute consequences; but with God, there is a Judgment Day. Sadly, these people don’t realize that the same God they reject has provided free salvation from eternal judgment through Christ if only they would repent from sin and put their trust in Him. We who have this salvation and eternal life have the greatest reason to rejoice in life. Again, how sad if God didn’t exist!

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