Salt and Light4 min read


Read Matthew 5:13-16

Salt – vs. 13

Two key elements are discussed in this section, one of which is salt. We can learn many practical truths just by looking at 3 simple characteristics of salt: 1). Salt preserves,  2). Salt gives flavor, 3). Salt is abrasive.  We too preserve this world with our testimony as being a temple of the Holy Spirit, as well as convict others with our Christ-like life. This is the true calling of a disciple.

The Lord, after emphasizing what salt is, He emphasized that salt that has lost its savor, “is thenceforth good for nothing.” He said more about flavorless salt than the original. Perhaps this tells us that this type of salt will be more common than those who  truly stand out for Christ: we must not let this happen! Jesus boldly said that if we lose our savor, we are good for nothing but to be cast under man’s foot – in other words, useless. Do we desire this title? Does it really bring us pleasure to know we are doing nothing for Him, even after He has done everything for us? Will it be worth it to live life our way and afterward to know we did nothing for Him when we see Him face to face?

Light – vs. 14-16

We are the light of the world for Christ as we patiently wait for His return. We are to be reflecting the light of the Sun of Righteousness as a city that is set on a hill. This implies an area that can be seen from all around: everyone knows it and what it stands for. We must live a life filled with preaching the gospel of the One we stand for and not letting the little light which we have be unnoticeable. We must be set on a hill desiring to be closer to to our Source of light and life.

But sadly, some would choose to hide that light. When one asks about their faith, they cower and almost feel humiliated by Christ. When they have several opportunities in the day to shine their light by preaching Christ, they neglect and continue to live in fear of obedience to the Lord. Is this the mark of a true Christian? Christ exposes the illogical nature of this concept by giving the illustration of a lit candle. Why would one light that candle (what was meant to give light) only to hide it? The whole purpose of it would be defeated. If we fail to shine our light, we are defeating a main purpose of our identity in Christ. Instead, we must be put on a candlestick and shine where all will see. Shine boldly for Him.

The whole purpose of exposed light is this: to glorify your Father which is in Heaven. So let us shine our light to the fullest for Him. Let us live to prove our salvation and blessed hope that we have in Him. So many already use His name in cursing and take all material credit to self; we are the few who are purposed to glorify the Father. God alone deserves the glory; let us not waste it on self.

Living for Him

Should this not be common sense for us? Should we not automatically spread the salt and shine the light, considering that we have the only true light in Him? Let us shine for the Father. James 2 says that faith without works is dead, meaning that if we don’t live for Him, something is clearly wrong. Should He not mean everything to us? We must let our light so shine before men and live for Him, because in reality, He is all we have to live for. Living for anything or anyone else is vain; Solomon found this out the hard way. Again, do we want to be salt that is considered useless?

So, if our focus is to serve the Father and live for Him, our lives will radiate with holy light and will season everywhere we go. We may be the only light one sees in their lifetime. Perhaps because we neglected to share Christ, one will live without knowing salvation and eventually burn in that great unquenchable fire. The two greatest callings of our life are neglected when we pass by. Not only do sinners continue without hope, but God is not glorified when Christ is not preached. Let us not neglect this most important call, for it is when Christ is preached that He is glorified.

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