What Do We Do With His Time?4 min read


Time is what God gives us to decide who we will serve and how: we serve either Satan or God. We, as Christians have chosen God. We must use our time for Him and make the best of it. We commonly tell others that they must be saved before it’s too late, yet we forget that we also must do His will before it’s too late. We have a limited time to serve; let’s do it with a passion!

In Public
The things we do in public display our testimony of Christ to others. If we are responsible and respecting in public, Christ will be magnified, and our lives as Christians will be partly fulfilled. However, if we act like, dress like, and associate with the world, Christ will appear as a fool. This is so serious, because this is our Saviour! Therefore, we must make it a priority to be the salt and light in a flavorless and dark world, showing people that we have Christ. Christians who truly do this are few and far between. We must reflect Him in every way, in every attitude and action. Am I one of these people? Or do I make Christ appear foolish?

Another public testimony for Christ is, unarguably, evangelism. We can easily say that evangelism is important, but do we participate in it? If it is not one of our priorities, our testimony and use of time will not be used for Him as it should. We use God’s time, but do we use it for things that produce eternal profit? Over 155,000 people die per day, and most will be/are in Hell. Should this not concern us? Should we not, whether through a tract or a conversation or open air, evangelize regularly? This is one of the greatest public investments of God’s time.

In Private
Privately, how do we spend our time? Character is shown by our use of private time. We can use the time wisely or foolishly. A wise man would use his time in prayer and meditation on the Word. Am I wise? “The secret to prayer is prayer in secret”, says Hank Hanegraff; and this is so true! We must develop our character speaking to the very One whom we try to reflect. We must develop our character by seeing the very heart of God revealed in Scripture and by doing that which pleases Him. Our very name Christian testifies of this. Does our character reflect what we enjoy… or Him? What is more important?

There may be ways to grow for Him, but there are ways in which we can equally destroy our lives. For those who want to destroy their lives, spend more time with your phone than with God. If you want to destroy your life, look at defiling things on the internet, read inappropriate books, watch R-rated movies. We don’t realize it, but these things are destroying our lives, and at times we willingly partake in these activities! What do we watch; what do we read? Is God more or less in our life than the things of this corrupt, temporal world? Are our lives, in reality, being destroyed when we don’t realize it?

Before a holy God
Whether in public or in private, we are acting before a holy God. We are responsible to portray Christ-likeness. If God were visibly beside us, how differently would we spend our time? Should we not act the same way when He is not visibly by us? He is holy, demanding absolute perfection; and before Him, we are responsible for our actions. Would we look at that website with God around? Would we watch that show with God around? Would we say those jokes with God around? He is around.

In our minds there should not merely be a holy God here and now, but in the future. The Judgment Seat – do we anticipate it? Everything unprofitable for eternity will vanish away when it is revealed by fire. And when we stand before Him in all His glory, it is sad, but we will regret every moment of time not spent for Him. Is it a sin to watch a movie? Is it a sin to read a book? Is it a sin to be on the internet? No, but it can be. Will we regret those moments of lost fellowship with God? Will we wish we spent more time for Him? How much of our lives will we regret?

We have a limited time to fulfill our task, to spend our time wisely for Him. As Christians we should be redeeming the time. Why? Because the days are evil. We must not be part of this evil. It is far too easy to find a time-wasting Christian in this day. Am I one? Will God be glorified by the way I use His time? We must make the best of it, before it’s too late!

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